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We offer our clients a special level of service that extends far beyond development of a project or an application. We prefer to collaborate with you, serving our role as advisor and IT expert to assist your project to realize its best potential. We serve through the following services
We start relating your vision through our own method of brain-storming sessions. Understanding your stand in market, goal you would like to have with the application/project and end user requirements will form the chunk of our enterprise analysis. We want to learn, listen and understand everything we can about your market, your perceptions and goals. All of this information serves as the foundation for our own analysis and categorization that evolves into a strategic plan and recommendation plan.

Strategy work is performed by one of our Sr. Strategists and Designers. The process begins with a Discovery session that can be held over the phone, via Skype or in Person at our Lab. These sessions are a dynamic and engaging experience designed to capture as much insight and scope as possible at the beginning of the project. Fueled by Dry Erase markers and Diet Coke, the Discovery will yield a set of key findings and parameters that will frame the analysis and strategy work to be done following the session. Our team will then prepare and deliver a preliminary Recommendations Plan for all to review. With notes and feedback to this, a final Plan is issued along with any related quotes for Development.
Offering variety in design proto-types based upon the research we make, gives authentic designs that exceeds your expectations. Design begins with the simple question of what the project does and doesn't end until the selection of screenshots of the app is completed. Differing from our fellow competitors we take more time and resources in bringing out the best design. This includes design for web & apps pages and dash board models.
The Architecture is the LOGIC of the app; navigation, flow, user-experience — all variations on the same concept. The logical connections of all parts of the project are defined by an architectural blue-print that must be clear, easy to follow and complete. Shalom for its projects utilizes MVC (Model, View, Controller, three tier architecture to enable expandability and robustness. Controller being the business logic layer enables and satisfies the business needs by managing the workflows, components and entities.
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