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Application Development Company
  1. Smile SMS

Anil Semia is the leading manufacturers of vermicelli in South India manufacturing nearly 21 varieties of products under the brand name of ANIL. Currently selling their products in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Andaman, Mumbai, Dubai and Singapore

As their branch has widened through out the country communication through mail seems to stiffen the process of conveying information instantly. Hence they needed an easy going communication that would keep their employee and the customers updated with the office regulations and product details.

Anil Semia required a solution on this criteria and looked forward towards Shalom for a better response on developing a messaging system for sending bulk SMS, Flash SMS and group SMS that would facilitate the ease of marketing in business and these requirement could be easily established through a mobile phone which is mostly preferable by most of the customers, but still there are some drawbacks in it like

  1. Sending bulk messages through mobile phone is not that much fast as compared to modem connected utility.
  2. In cases where the software has been designed for a particular mobile and if it has been outdated, the intended development results in failure.
  3. It also includes the drawback of interruption while sending message when the mobile charge reduces.

Concerning all these facts and with the effort to implement more of the techniques, procedures and tools our professionals entered into the mission of developing the software Smile SMS which is a GSM modem that can be easily established using USB connections. The driver software can be easily installed and the interface modules are designed with great care to be user friendly.

Shalom has provided our clients with cost effective, simple, interactive and efficient software Smile SMS which enables them to send Bulk SMS, advertise products, inform program change, and communicate with the customers.

The hardware component of Smile SMS has been specially designed which is very attractive and versatile than other GSM modem. It is also handy and easily portable.

Currently this software is being utilized by large number of customers.

Technologies used / Methodology

Architecture - 3Tier
Front End - Visual Studio 2010, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Jquery
Back End - Sql Server 2008

  1. Easy Tick

Mani Impala is a prestigious entertainment theatre with fully air-conditioned, digital protection, dts, sound systems. Mani Impala Multiplex is the first in Tamil Nadu to launch QUBE Digital Projection in the screen.

In order to facilitate their customers with the ease of booking tickets and to consume time through online booking they teamed up with Shalom InfoTech and their requirement led to the creation of “Easy Tick” a .net based Theatre management that addresses all activities of the theatre system.

Online booking has become a trend in today’s modernizing world leading to the development of many online booking software but we would like to notify you of one important feature that has been enhanced with Easy Tick which is not available in other softwares. It is the provision of Easy card that functions as a Pre-paid Card precisely for Booking Tickets through online. Usually online reservation requires Credit Cards which is not affordable by people of various financial domains so we have facilitated this process with the provision of Easy card that could be afforded by anyone. This process also encourages the practice of Pre-sales.

Shalom succeeded in developing a web based product for online movie ticket booking. This product was mainly concentrated on movie ticket booking with membership. Individual login and passwords are provided for each user. Easy tick has been designed with many provisions such as viewing currently running movies, booking tickets, Checking seat availability, Ticket acknowledgement and snacks acknowledgement etc.

Technologies used / Methodology

Architecture - 3Tier
Front End - Visual Studio 2010, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Jquery
Back End - Sql Server 2008

  1. Smile Clinic

Our Clientele ATHMA Institute of Mental Health And Social Sciences is one of the best in class hospitals and the biggest Mental Health centre in Tamil Nadu which is a fully computerized hospital management and Digital record archiving for research and data mining.

Athma Institute had a requirement of developing a well-built management system to manage the activities of the hospital and to manage the informations of various departments. Their prime requirement was to create a practical system for maintenance which was reported to Shalom InfoTech.

After complete analysis on the requisite our team members initiated, new ideas in crafting software.
On the finalization of the target, goal, requirement and the design for the software Shalom supported their request with a complete package of hospital management system namely The Smile Clinic.
The software has been designed to meet the following requirements of the client.

  1. Details of the patients, fees, admissions and consultation
  2. Provisions for monitoring the status of the hospital rooms and wards
  3. Integration of internal communication between various departments of the hospital.
  4. Database storage of hospital records such as patient, doctors and medicinal details etc.
  5.  Physician Database about their doctors.
  6. Information about various departments, treatments & services offered.
  7. Billing
  8. Medical Stores
  9. Financial Accounting
  10. Doctor’s Module that keeps track of the entire medical history of a particular patient.
  11. Dash Board provision
  12. Smile SMS integration along with SMS report to the physician.

Thus Shalom InfoTech provided solution to ATHMA Institute of Social Science in the above aspects. And now Smile Clinic is being used successfully in most of the hospitals all over the country.

Technologies used / Methodology

Architecture - 3Tier
Front End - Visual Studio 2010, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Jquery
Back End - Sql Server 2008

  1. Smile Shopping

Sikaram Pvt Ltd inaugurated in Switzerland is also a prestigious client of Shalom InfoTech excelling in various fields such as Matrimony, touring, shopping and in real estate properties.

Sikaram wanted a comprehensive system with built-in capabilities to process online orders using a customized shopping cart, identify prospective clients and monitor the online transactions.
This cycle was highly sensitive because it had to meet the needs of the market they were targeting. Hence it required a customized web-based application to enable clients to market and support their products using Internet-based services.

Smile shopping has made Sikaram to gain market share quickly in a very competitive marketplace. The modules available from Smile Shopping make search engine optimization as well as product updates quick and efficient.

Shalom realized that a highly customized set of feature is to be integrated effectively. And this software was based on the requirement of Sikaram to develop a web based solution to reach out to a larger customer base.

The features integrated with the software include attractive GUI, Database storage for product, orders and customer information, Store front options to view product informations, Unique and secured login provision for the administrator and the customers, provisions for adding unlimited products and categories to the store catalog and multiple payment methods are integrated to the software.

Smile Shopping will increase and is increasing the brand value and sale of the client intensifying the prospect for them.

Technologies used / Methodology

Architecture - 3Tier
Front End - Visual Studio 2010, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Jquery
Back End - Sql Server 2008

  1. Wed Lock

Wed Lock is matrimonial software which was also designed for Sikaram Pvt Limited.
Shalom understood the client requirement of matrimonial portal and designed Wed Lock as an online software product which is user friendly and a foremost gateway with traditional feel. The Wed Lock software has been designed and integrated with the latest technologies. And the features that are incorporated with the software are uploading of personal profile, photos, horoscope, provisions to express interest to other persons, options to share success stories etc.

Various enhancements that are incorporated with this software are as follows

  1. Using this matrimonial software you can upload your personal profile so that other prospective matches come to know about you and contact you.
  2. Can create a preferred match profile of your prospective life partner to ease your partner search.
  3. Can upload your photograph and horoscope to your profile.
  4. Express your interest to people and to other members as a free member.
  5. Being a paid member you enjoy more benefits.
  6. It also facilitates to share your success stories.
  7. Share your favorite profiles with your family & friends.

Technologies used / Methodology

Architecture - 3Tier
Front End - Visual Studio 2010, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Jquery
Back End - Sql Server 2008

  1. Net link

MASS MARKETING is a company registered by The Government of Tamil Nadu, as a dealer in Herbals Nutrition products and house hold consumable goods under VAT ACT 2006 and being operated by well-experienced Network Marketing Leaders Group. The company functions on the bases of direct selling and Customers Referral System, which is a unique system.
Instead of making money through selling goods the company focuses on the members who earn their profits from the people they had signed up to the company through referral. Mass Marketing is one such company which was in need of networking software that would support the way they do business.
As Shalom is specialists in creating custom designed MLM Network Marketing Software Script we were able to fulfill the requirements of the client.

Even though there are many networking software we have enhanced this software with many innovative provisions and facilities that would be user friendly and specially in a way that it would satisfy our client. With these aspects our programming crew began the designing of Net Link Software with the following objectives.

  1. To provides individual panels for the customer, stockiest and the administrator.
  2. Inclusive search features.
  3. Maintain detailed reports including finance, customer details, customer bonus, balance, transaction etc.
  4. Administrative and management features.
  5. Robust customer profile management.
  6. Flexible inventory setup and product profiles.
  7. Provisions to define categories and subcategories.
  8. Create multiple product/quantity kits.
  9. Supporting products with multiple specifications such as size and color.
  10. Upload product pictures and descriptions for shopping cart display.
  11. Bonus and commission processing.
  12. Multiple payment method support: pay cards, direct deposit.
  13. Easy download of check from internet.
  14. Supports daily, weekly, and monthly processing.
  15. Provides Pictorial representation of the members under their control.
  16. Maintains tracking system to each and every individual member.

Technologies used / Methodology

Architecture - 3Tier
Front End - Visual Studio 2010, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Jquery
Back End - Sql Server 2008

  1. Alumni Pupil

Our client St Joseph’s college which is one of the most reputed colleges in Trichy needed a portal for starting an alumni community with the passed away students of its college. It was to be more of a networking site. They were to maintain the vital profile/contact information on each member. To carry out this task they joined hand with Shalom InfoTech.

The challenge was to create a wide ranging community portal with the incorporation of photo gallery, message board, Event listing etc. the look and the feel of the site was to have an effect of comfort to the user.

After an elaborate discussion with the client about project requirements, reference and models, our developer team started up the task with a new design and professional look. Provisions for uploading photos, creating profiles and even search options were provided.

To have a stronger relationship with alumni has significant benefits but it covers a larger time period to uphold the details. Whereas our Alumni script lessen all these tasks and make ease on maintaining these details. Our Alumni script has been programmed as per the client requirement with best in quality and

  1. Church Chronicle

Churches of any size or denomination become more effective in ministry and more efficient in administration with an automated system. In domains such as church maintaining the details of the church, church members family details and their service details is very difficult through manual maintenance.

Our Client Good Shepherd a devotional church in Trichy wanted to overcome the above obstacles in order to have a systematic approach to uphold the data’s of the church

Our technical team, after a complete analysis on the requirement of Good Shepherd our experts provided a best in class solution in the form of Church Chronicle. The Church Chronicle has been designed with many functions that take care of all the necessities of the church.

Church chronicle is multi-purpose software with an administrative panel which is accessible only by the administrator. It is associated with the latest user friendly modules that are liable in trailing and preserving information’s. The core theme of Church Chronicle is to develop a fellowship among the church members and also involve them in various activities of the church.

Another important function of Church Chronicle is upholding personal information and family details which would be convenient to provide the Church family card, monitor the spiritual milestone of the individuals, record the history of all activities and many more such event scheduling, contribution information etc…

With such simplistic and user friendly software we were able to fulfill the expectation of our client

  1. Fund Monitor

As a result of increasing chit fund companies ranging from smaller to larger scale most of the companies have an idea of switching over to computerization of their ledger details that would ease the way of maintaining transaction informations.

The software Fund Monitor one such product which was challenging proposal from one of our client.

Fund Monitor has been designed with great care that it would fulfill the requirements of the Customer with the reduction of time consumption in report generation and by providing more precise information. Fund monitor has been molded as software for dealing transactions of any financial companies regardless of their size

Like the usual activities of a financial concern this software includes the records of accounts such as daily collection, agent details, guarantor creation, customer details etc…It also monitors the accounting section of individual transactions, their interest, daily/monthly income and expenses of the company.

The Fund Monitor has been a success product of the year which has lead to full utilization of man- power, quality and accuracy in information.

  1. Slimline Pro

As the world is approaching faster towards advanced technology the basic requirements of the people also progress towards these technologies and advancements.
One such proposal was from JR communications and power controls who are great manufacturers of UPS, promoted with an active vision to provide high quality products at an affordable rate.

Tracking of hardware is essential for an organization and managing these details manually is very crucial process hence they required a systematic inventory management for their hardware stores.

After a complete analysis on the requirement of JR communications our developers planned on developing a flexible, integrated and inventory control for hardware stores named as Slimline Pro.

Slimline Pro has been designed for tracking the hardware assets and thereby increases the productivity of the association. Some of the additional features added with Slimline Pro are password security, report generation including inventory reports and remainders etc….

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