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According to Industry study, more than 70% of corporate data processing is still handled by mainframe computing from IBM, UNISYS etc. We offer consulting with respect to business aspect of legacy transformation with complete analysis thus enabling business houses to conclude and choose the best feasible solution.

Be it understanding the existing system, migrating the data source to a new platform, spearheading change management, we have done it all. Our government enterprise clients like HAPP (Heavy alloy Penetration Project) and OFT (Ordnance Factory) have been our Legacy transformation clients for the past 3+ years.

The transformation process is divided into three phases:

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The first phase involves identifying the base platform provider and enabling technology. The second phase extends the usage of mining and conversion tools, and finally system integrator process. Re-implementing applications on new platforms in this way can reduce operational costs, and the additional capabilities of new technologies can provide access to valuable functions such as Web Services and Integrated Development Environments. Once transformation is complete the applications can be aligned more closely to current and future business needs through the addition of new functionality to the transformed application.

In short, the legacy transformation process can be a cost-effective and accurate way to preserve legacy investments and thereby avoid the costs and business impact of migration to entirely new software. This report explains how transformation works and proposes a strategy for assessing the suitability of existing applications for migration to modern platforms such as J2EE and .NET.

We have a befitting track record with regard to Legacy Transformation. Fill in our Enquiry form to fix an appointment.

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