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Why VoIP?
Does your business require you to make frequent international calls?
You can now communicate seamlessly with your customers, business associates, colleagues and employees located across the globe without spending much. You can also conduct Video and Audio Web conferences and save big on travelling costs.
VoIP benefits
Low cost: Company offices and remote workers can communicate easily at practically no additional cost. You can cut communication costs by up to 80%.
Flexibility: Users can make and receive calls from anywhere by connecting to the Internet and logging in to the VoIP account.
Additional features: At no extra charge, get all the features of a normal phone, including call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail, conference calling and caller ID.
Reliability and support: Experience clear voice quality during calls and 24x7 customer service support.
Corporate Solutions:
Unlimited Plan: Make unlimited calls to popular destinations like US, UK, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore.
Close User Group (CUG) Plan: Have unlimited intra-company calling between any number of locations within the country and across the world, with closed user group environment, at a nominal fixed annual charge.
Pay Per Use Plan: Pay for your actual usage, with no minimum commitment.
At Tata Communications, we sense SME business needs faster and further. Seamless content delivery is just a click away.
Voip Features
Software testing services Reduce International calling cost up to 80%
software quality assurance Receive calls from anywhere
offshore software testing company At no extra charge, the user gets all the features of a normal phone
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