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Market and Customer research

Planning and conducting market and customer research

Conducting market and customer research gives you insight and data on local and global market trends that will help you make decisions when starting or growing a business.

Market research is a broad term covering:

  • Past and current market conditions
  • Customer demographics
  • Demand for products and services

When you should do market or customer research

When developing and changing aspects of your business, including offerings to customers, it's important to do thorough research to have confidence in the actions you're taking, including research into:

  • Pricing
  • Branding
  • Product names
  • New retail outlets
  • Advertising campaigns
  • New products or services

There are several methods you can use to do research, including:

  • Conducting your own research using customer surveys, feedback and interviews
  • Conducting analysis of your own business using your past performance in sales, goods returned and repeat business
  • Researching industry and market trend information
  • Reviewing reports, industry journals and government information

Market research kit

The market research kit is a 3-stage process to guide you through conducting research and compiling data so you can better understand the market you want to operate in.

Stage 1 - Find economic profiles for your region or area

Stage 2 - Find a community profile for your region or area

Stage 3 - Research competitors and suppliers

Becoming a customer-focused business

By better identifying and understanding your customers, you can create exceptional products and services that keep them coming back. You'll also be able to effectively market your business across every stage of the customer lifecycle.

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