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Online risks and IT security

Cyber security – protect your online business activity

Cyber security is the tools and techniques applied to IT data and systems to protect them from attacks and loss.

A cyber attack can seriously damage your business and you may have to spend lots of time, money and resources to fix it.

Legal obligations for cyber security

If your business handles personal data (of employees, customers and suppliers) and financial information, you are responsible for meeting all legislative data-protection requirements.

Online threats and risks

  • brand and reputational damage
  • loss of confidential and sensitive data
  • loss of business continuity
  • fines if your business is found negligent

Legal obligations for online businesses

You must meet legal obligations when conducting business online—these are designed to protect you and your customers. It is your responsibility to identify the legal requirements that apply to your business.

All types of businesses will need to comply with relevant legislation and requirements and as a part of this, you should make sure that the online components of your business are also compliant.

To ensure that your business complies with the Privacy Act, it is recommended that you take the steps below:

  • Determine what personal information you will be collecting from your customers
  • Ensure that you are clear about how the personal information will be stored
  • Determine how to protect this information according to the Privacy Act and associated
  • Seek legal advice on your privacy policy to ensure it meets requirements
  • Publish the privacy policy on your website

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