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Build and manage your website

Having a business website is an essential part of your online presence. Your website is part of your business identity and branding , allows you to communicate with your customers and enables them to get in touch with you , can enable you to sell products and deliver services online.

Steps to get a website

  • Get a domain name and URL
  • Set up an email address to match your domain name
  • Find a web hosting company
  • Design your website
  • Build your website
  • Add and manage your website content
  • Publish your website

Improve your website

Once you've established your website, you can use a range of resources and plugins to improve:

  • functionality—what your customers can do on your website
  • effectiveness—how well the website meets its purpose
  • visual appeal—how appealing the website looks and how this supports its effectiveness

Website improvement checklist

Ask the following questions to guide the improvements you make on your website.

Does your site have all the functionality your customers need? - Think about what customers want to do on your website. Will your business benefit from adding plugins to meet these needs?

Do all components on your site meet legal requirements? - Your website must provide the necessary protection and security for customers. It must also meet all other legal requirements, such as copyright.

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