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Empower your brand with
a winning digital strategy

Create a digital strategy

Create a digital strategy for
Your Business

Planning your digital strategy

consider the current digital technology your business uses and explore other options that could benefit your business.

consider your business's current digital capacity when identifying potential opportunities and additions.

regularly review your digital capacity to ensure you can capitalise on technological advancements.

Steps to develop your digital strategy

  • Research online tools used by your competitors and other businesses.
  • Decide which online activities will benefit your business.
  • Review your budget to work out what you can afford.
  • Factor in annual costs to maintain or upgrade your devices, renew subscriptions and pay for software licensing and training.
  • Find the laws and regulations that will apply to your online activities.
  • Consider your requirements, including software and computer equipment.
  • Think about recruiting new roles or training that you or your staff
    might need.
  • Be realistic about the time and budget you will need to manage the online aspects of your business.

Creating your digital strategy

Complete your digital health check - Assess your business against similar businesses in your industry to understand which tasks are most important. Your business may not need to be digitally advanced in all areas, but you should aim to match or surpass your competitors.

Outline your digital business goals - Your digital business goals summarise your reasons for improving your digital capability. These goals are the digital achievements you would like to achieve. They're different to your general goals for your business.

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